Thank you for your interest in Tom Kaczmarek's “YOU BE THE BOXING JUDGE”

YOU BE THE BOXING JUDGE is available in BOOK or DVD format.

Both the Book and DVD explain the strategies and mind-sets needed to score boxing matches based on the 10 Point Must System. In selected segments, the book and DVD review the various elements of scoring procedures, including the three basic factors used to score each round: 1. Clean punching/effective aggressiveness; 2. Ring generalship; and 3. Defense. Also discussed is punching: power v. quantity. Both review the 10 Point Must System in detail, as well as various other factors that play a roll in scoring a round, e.g., absolute power of concentration.

The DVD version of "YOU BE THE BOXING JUDGE" delivers even more punch with 2 1/2 hours of entertainment and information featuring 16 rounds of action with world class fighters and rising stars. Viewers can score the rounds, following which they can listen to the judge’s commentary on scoring throughout each round using the “mental computer” concept of scoring.

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Thank you again for your interest.

Keep punching,---Tommy K.